Our Experience

VBArbitration has an extensive experience in commercial, investment and sports arbitration and we put this know-how at our clients' disposal. Victor Bonnin has acted in more than 40 cases as arbitrator, counsel or secretary of arbitral tribunal in ad hoc and institutional arbitrations administered by the most reputed institutions, such as the ICC Court of International Arbitration, the London Court of International Arbitration, the Madrid Court of Arbitration, ICSID, CIMA, the Court of Arbitration for Sport, etc. with seats in Paris, London, Geneva, Frankfurt, Bucharest, Zurich or Casablanca, among others, in several languages (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese) and applying the laws of different jurisdictions such as Spanish, French, Swiss, German, Rumanian, Tunisian or Moroccan laws as well as public international law.

This is a list of the most relevant cases in which we are or have been involved:

  • Sole arbitration appointed by the HKIAC in relation to an agreement for services in the sports sector under Spanish law. Seat in Hong Kong and English language. 
  • Sole arbitrator appointed by the LCIA in relation to a dispute concerning a share purchase agrement submitted to English law. Seat in London and English language. 
  • Coarbitrator appointed by the LCIA in a case related to a loan agreement under English law. Seat in London and English language.
  • Coarbitrator appointed by the ICC in a dispute concerning the construction of a combined cycle plant. Seat: Warsaw. Language: English.
  • Sole arbitrator in an ICC case in a EUR 3.5 million dispute related to a distributorship agreement. Seat in Geneva, Switzerland, and French and English languages.
  • Sole arbitrator in an ICC case in a dispute related to the sale of a companies. Seat in Casablanca, Morocco, and French language. 
  • Sole arbitrator in a Madrid Court of Arbitration case in relation to the breach of a distributorship agreement. Seat in Madrid and Spanish language. 
  • Sole arbitrator in five Spanish Court of Arbitration cases in relation to the breach os supply agreements and subcontractor agreements.
  • Counsel of a Latinamerican shipyard in an ICC case involving more than 25 million USD.
  • Counsel of several investors in seven investment arbitrations against the Kingdom of Spain under the Energy Charter Treaty in the sector of renewable energies, conducted under the UNCITRAL Rules or ICSID Arbitration Rules. 
  • Counsel of an investor in an ICSID dispute arising out of the expropriation of assets in a Latinamerican country.
  • Counsel of an electric company in an ICC case in relation to the construction of a power plant. Seat in Paris and French language. 
  • Counsel of a Spanish company in an ad hoc arbitration under the Swiss Rules of Arbitration in relation to the construction of solar power plants. Seat in Barcelona and French and Spanish languages.  
  • Counsel of a professional football player in an ICC arbitration in relation with the breach of a sponsorship agreement. Seat in Zurich and English language. 
  • Counsel of a Spanish company in three related ICC arbitrations involving European competition law. Seat in Paris and English language.
  • Counsel in an arbitration under the Sao Paulo Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Rules in relation to a franchise and distribution agreement. Seat in Sao Paulo and Portuguese language. 
  • Secretary of the arbitral tribunal in an ICC case about the refurbishment of an hydro power plant. Seat in Geneva and English language.
  • Secretary of tribunal in a CIMA arbitration related to the breach of a partnership agreement. 
  • Ad hoc clerk in several CAS arbitrations related to anti-doping issues of sports professionals.
  • Ad hoc clerk in the CAS case 2011/A/2625 Mohamed Bin Hammam v. FIFA (final award available on the website of the CAS).