VBArbitration is a boutique law firm specialized in the resolution of national and international disputes through arbitration. We offer our services to defend the interests of parties in arbitration proceedings or to act as arbitrator. We also offer our services to other law firms that need additional arbitration experts for a particular case.

VBArbitration was born to satisfy the increasing demand of arbitration experts for low and medium arbitration claims, for which the fee arrangements of bigger law firms may not be adequate. 

As we do not have to bear the high cost structures of larger law firms, VBArbitration can afford to offer the client tailor-made fee arrangements taking into consideration the amount of the claim and the particular circumstances of the client, while we guarantee the maximum arbitration expertise. Consequently, VBArbitration is the perfect alternative for small and medium size companies that require arbitration services.

On the other hand, we are aware that many companies are not familiar with arbitration proceedings. As a result, clients can feel frustrated and more worried than usual. Thus, VBArbitration focuses on developing close relationships with its clients by listening to their concerns and answering all their requests. A close relationship with the client and our commitment to the client is at the core of VBArbitration's identity. 

VBArbitration also offers services as arbitrators. We fully understand that parties want to solve their conflicts rapidly. Thus, our professional commitment is to perform swiftly and efficiently our tasks as arbitrator, at least those that depend exclusively on the arbitrator. Additionally, we know that the parties want to have arbitrators that are impartial and independent. Our position as an independent boutique law firm allows us to avoid the conflicts of interest that affect large law firms. We can therefore act as arbitrators with full independence and impartiality